OCD – Tips for family members and friends Part 6/6


  • Learn as much as you can about OCD
  • Take care of yourself and seek professional help if you need it
  • Try not to participate in their rituals – this only reinforces and entrenches OCD symptoms
  • Try not to let OCD take over the family or relationship
  • Criticism and negative comments can make OCD worse – try to create a calm and supportive environment
  • Acknowledge improvements however small
  • A non-judgemental attitude is helpful
  • Try viewing OCD as separate from the person not like a character flaw
  • Remember that it is normal to feel frustrated, angry or resentful when OCD interferes with your life
  • Encourage the person to talk about their OCD so you know how it affects them and how you can help
  • Encourage your loved one to get professional help


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