Online Psychology – Telehealth Counselling

Teleconferencing and Online Counselling and Therapy Services now available during the COVID 19 period with Perth Psychologist Sherry-Lee Smith.

Medicare rebated sesssion. 

Medicare rebates are now available under Mental Health Care Plans, Eating Disorder Plans and Chronic Health Care Plans, until 30 March 2021 for Telehealth Psychology sessions. 

Private health fund rebated sessions. 

The APS (Australian Psychological Society) has announced that most Australian Private Health Funds have agreed to rebates for telehealth/teleconferencing between the 30th March 2020 and 30 September 2020. Please check with your health fund to ascertain whether you can claim a rebate for your telehealth session and whether the telehealth items have been extended for you private health fund.

Private telehealth sessions. 

Now available. 

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