OCD – OCD in Children and Adolescents Part 2/6

OCD in children and adolescents

The prevalence of OCD in children and adolescents is 1-3% of the population, similar to the number of adults who suffer from this debilitating condition. However many more have obsessive compulsive tendencies that are not clinically diagnosable but are noticeable nonetheless. OCD in children is often not identified and treated in a timely manner. This is often due to symptoms being mistaken for other behavioural problems, such as not handing in homework or taking too long completing work because it needs to be perfect, resistance to completing chores due to fear of contamination or refusing to go to sleep because rituals haven’t been completed. Furthermore children are often reluctant to discuss their fears openly and tend not to have insight into the irrational and excessive nature of their thoughts and behaviour.

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