OCD – Tips to help with OCD Part 5/6


  • Postpone OCD rituals whenever you can – this will assist you in learning to sit with the anxiety
  • Remember that unpleasant feelings always reduce when given enough time
  • When you notice an obsessive thought arising, refocus your attention to something else
  • Write down obsessive thoughts or worries
  • Anticipate OCD urges– know your triggers and help yourself resist the compulsion by creating mental pictures or notes that remind you the compulsion is unnecessary (for example when you lock the door, make a mental picture of the locked door and say to yourself “the door is now locked”)
  • Try slowly cutting back on compulsive behaviour. If you check 10 times that the door is locked, try checking 8 times and then 6 etc.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to OCD by eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and enough sleep
  • Try not to isolate yourself
  • Make friends with your OCD – get to know your triggers, the more you can anticipate and identify OCD thoughts the more power you will have to manage your OCD
  • Practise relaxation techniques
  • Limit intake of alcohol and nicotine
  • Manage the stress in your life – OCD symptoms tend to get worse when you are under stress

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